For all of my life the ocean holds a certain fascination for me. It changes every day and whenever I get out there, I experience more than I could ever expect. Between it’s vastness, the beauty of nature, the wild and yet powerful moods displayed in the rich hues and dark depths and ultimately the endless variety of life – the sea is the ultimate adventure. Sometimes life is like the ocean, we go through raging storms, threatening to tear us apart, then suddenly – we experience peace, and a surreal calmness comes over us.

Whenever I can, I allow the freshness, gentleness and the harmony between the sky and the deep to soothe my soul and to quench my fires. Few things in life are like immersing into a world so different, so pure, so perfect.

Yorg Emmert – Owner

At ExsoltecMarine it is our ambition for you to experience the oceans in a similar way. No matter what your passion may be, if you are fishing, diving, relaxing or exploring, we have the technology to make your ocean-life safer and so much more fun.

From navigational equipment to offshore communications technology to power management and sophisticated monitoring systems, we specialize in all marine electronics. While we represent most of the top brands in the marine industry, our real strength is in identifying the ultimate solution for your budget, your application and your needs. We also design custom automation systems and fabricate innovative instrumentation panels.